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10 May 2022 Updates: Products

K2 Systems connects strengths. We present a strong line-up of new products, smart digital services and synergetic connections at ‘The smarter E’ in Munich. Our mountings connect buildings and solar energy safely, easily and durably using sophisticated, modular components and digital technologies.

The following products and digital functions are among this year’s innovations:

Flat roof all-rounder Dome 6

From now on, you can flexibly cover the most diverse requirements on the flat roof with the variants of the Dome 6 System. You always use the same components and therefore have familiar installation steps.

  • One- and two-sided elevation as S-Dome 6 or D-Dome 6 variant
  • Roof-parallel variant (Dome 6.0) and as 10° and 15° elevated variant (Dome 6.10 and Dome 6.15)
  • Pre-assembled system variant with only four assembly steps (Dome 6 Xpress) or as a variant for flexible row spacing, e.g. for roofs with different obstacles (Dome 6 Classic). As well as a variant for clamping on the long side for large modules (Dome 6 Classic LS)
  • Application on flat roofs < 10° with foil or bitumen covering, on concrete, gravel or green roofs. The Dome 6 Classic variant is also suitable for fastening to the trapezoidal sheet and replaces the S-Dome Small System.
  • Optional fixed attachment for roofs with very low load reserves via the Dome FixPro Set
  • Optional addition of a certified fall protection system from ABS Safety from Germany (ABS-Lock Sys-K2) as well as from Innotech from Austria (Innotech Taurus)
  • The system’s support pad will receive an innovative, additional coating from Q3/22, which will further reduce plasticiser migration (Mat S plus)
  • And soon the Dome 6.10 and 6.15 will receive the German general building authority approval (abZ)


One module clamp for all pitched roof systems

The new K2 Clamp is universal, simple and quickly mounted with the proven MK2 screw mechanism. In addition, disassembly and subsequent assembly, e.g. if modules need to be replaced, is even easier.

The new middle and end clamp for frame heights of 25-40 mm can be used with all mounting systems for brick, trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal as well as in the sheet metal folding area. It is therefore used with the SingleRail, SolidRail, Insertion System, MiniRail 2.0, SpeedRail, MultiRail and also with the Universal KL-Clamp System and is expected to be available in Q1/2023. The German general building authority approval (abZ) has already been applied for.


MiniRail 2.0 with new application possibilities

The MiniRail short rail for trapezoidal sheet metal will receive the K2-typical so-called ‘MK2’ channel from July 2022. This means that the system no longer requires its own module clamp, but can be fastened with the OneMid/OneEnd or with the new K2 Clamp. The revision also enables an assembly with a second layer, an elevation and thus rear ventilation with the help of the RailUp, as well as easier connection of the optimisers.


Further innovations this year are:


Flexible elevation with TiltUp Vento and GreenRoof Vento
The TiltUp Vento has elevation angles of 20°, 25° and 30° and offers you a flexible solution for flat concrete, gravel and green roofs with few components. A similar design is followed by the derived system variant GreenRoof Vento as a green roof support with a distance of around 38 cm between the green roof and the solar installation, which is expected to be available in Q3/2022. The GreenRoof Vento allows vertical or horizontal module alignment with 10° or 15° inclination.

New application possibilities on sandwich panels on the roof and façade
For economical and energy-efficient construction projects, we have coordinated and certified our products with Fischer Profil, leading manufacturer of construction elements for industrial and commercial buildings. In addition to installing the SpeedRail system on Fischer Profil’s sandwich roof element for pitched roofs, solar panels can now also be mounted on the manufacturer’s façade elements using our fasteners. Both solutions are expected to be available from Q3/2022.

Easier planning and management in K2 Base
Thanks to a modern user service, you can access all of our digital services with a single login and, with the help of the new company account, manage all accounts and soon share and work on projects with each other. In K2 Base, installations on hipped roofs can also soon be planned and thanks to some updates in the project report, you get a better and more interactive overview at the end of each design for even easier planning and installation.

New learning modules and languages for K2 Training
New interactive learning modules are available for newcomers and career changers on the free continuing education platform K2 Training and, due to high demand, now also in Italian, French and Spanish in addition to German and English.

K2 CheckApp and K2 DocuApp become one app
So that you can do the simple data entry from the CheckApp and the quick project documentation from the DocuApp directly in one app, both functions are now integrated in the revised K2 DocuApp. In addition to the automatic synchronisation of projects from K2 Base, it offers further relief for you with the instructions for market data entry for private customers.

Knowledge exchange in the new K2 Community
In the K2 Community you can exchange information in groups and forums about the planning and installation of PV systems, ask questions, share knowledge, comment and meet like-minded people.

Further innovations in the product portfolio
Especially for the Scandinavian market, there is the Splice Foot as a new fastener for bitumen shingles (available from Q4/2022) and the CrossHook 3S Long will soon be available with a longer extension arm (available from Q3/2022). For tile roofing, the new TileHook offers an innovative fastening with a direct load application into the rafter without time-consuming tile processing for the SingleRail and Insertion System (available Q4/2022). The RibClamp KL system is replaced by the Universal KL-Clamp System and is thus suitable for wider roof profile ribs, which are mainly found in Australia and South Africa (changeover in Q4/2022). In addition, cable management on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs will be very simple with the Minimount from PVX Multimount from Q3/2022.





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