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14 June 2023 Updates: Products

Once again we combine strengths with K2 Buddy for monitoring snow loads, new functions in the K2 Base planning software, a digital training campus and four new products. True to the motto “Connecting Strength”, the company combines innovative mounting systems, digital technology and people with know-how and energy to advance sustainable solutions for solar installations.

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K2 Buddy: digital monitoring of snow loads

A focal point at the Intersolar is K2 Buddy. It monitors snow loads on flat and pitched roofs digitally and in real time. The new monitoring system is the first solution from K2 Systems for mechanical monitoring: a weight tracker that can be quickly installed under a module measures the snow loads on the modules 24 hours a day. The system is connected to the smartphone of the system owner, for example, and provides clear information about the current conditions. The user-friendly app shows at a glance whether action is required. In the event of high load values, it immediately transmits a push notification to the end device, informing the end user to clear the snow..

Severe weather events are occurring more and more frequently. Heavy snowfalls in particular can affect the service life of photovoltaic systems, especially if larger modules with lower limit values are used. This occurs more and more frequently and can lead to damage to the modules and higher maintenance costs. Using K2 Buddy ensures the safety of photovoltaic systems even in snowy regions and avoids unnecessary maintenance. This means more profitability for service companies and more safety for system owners.


K2 Base: Obstacle detection with AI and planning for roof-parallel flat-roof systems

The free planning software K2 Base is now also intelligent. The new obstacle detection function uses artificial intelligence to recognise and automatically add elements such as chimneys, skylights or other obstacles once they have been drawn in. This eliminates the need for the planner to manually draw in various obstacles, thus considerably saving time.

In addition: With the Dome Zero mounting system, planning in K2 Base for flat roof systems parallel to the roof is now also possible. Planning is further simplified by optimised thermal separations, the definition of which is automatically available to the planner in K2 Base. From now on, individual module fields are distributed even more evenly and the weight to be ballasted is thus optimally distributed.


K2+ interface to PV*SOL premium and the Eturnity Solar Expert

With K2+, the planning tool K2 Base now also enables the direct transfer of project data to and from PV*SOL premium from Valentin Software. In the future, these values will therefore no longer have to be entered several times during photovoltaic planning. This saves time and money and avoids the risk of values not being entered or updated correctly. With the addition of PV*SOL premium, K2 Systems expands the existing interfaces to SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, Kostal, GoodWe and archelios™ Pro with another important data exchange option. This facilitates the planning of photovoltaic systems with K2 mounting systems. A further connection to the solar calculator from Eturnity AG will also take place shortly. The data can then also be imported or exported to and from the Solar Expert, eliminating the need for multiple data entries for the planner.


Optimal design of photovoltaic systems on hipped roofs

The free planning software K2 Base can now be used not only for flat, gable and monopitch roofs. In the future, photovoltaic systems on hipped roofs can also be planned in offset and thus space-optimised placement, including obstacle recesses and shadow casting views. K2 Systems thus expands the range of installations that can be planned with its K2 Base software.

A hipped roof usually has two trapezoidal and two triangular roof surfaces – i.e. four potential substrates for the photovoltaic system. However, the pointed roof shapes limit the usable area. For a particularly high yield, it is therefore important to arrange the modules in the most space-saving way. K2 Base makes this possible.


Digital Campus: K2 Resource Center

For newcomers in particular, K2 Systems has created a digital campus in the form of the K2 Resource Center, where weekly live webinars, easy-to-follow tutorials, helpful training and certifications as well as valuable downloads are available. We support our customers in every phase – from an optimal start, through planning all the way to a professional completion of the installation and even monitoring. Both newcomers to the industry, but also experienced professionals, will find valuable knowledge about the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems in the new Resource Center.


Mounting systems for façades and green roofs

So after pitched and flat comes vertical: the new mounting system adds another dimension to the areas that can be used for energy generation. The mounting system for façades is suitable for trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich panels as well as for masonry and concrete. In addition, the modules can be clamped or hung on the frame. In this way, planners achieve high flexibility with few components. At the same time, the new system ensures good rear ventilation – and it looks good.

Green roofs can also be fitted with K2 mounting systems in the future: The GreenRoof Vento System facilitates installation on green roofs. Thanks to the greater distance from module to roof, the new system solution from the K2 product family reliably prevents the modules from being shaded by excessive vegetation. At the same time, the GreenRoof Vento is statically optimised. It allows portrait and landscape elevation at 10° and 15° with maximum module sizes of 2400 mm x 1350 mm. The system can also be conveniently used on existing roofs. During development, the K2 team paid attention to not disturb the greenery as much as possible. The stand feet provide a firm hold, but are designed small enough so that mosses and succulents continue to receive light and water and are therefore able to continue to make their valuable contribution. A design of the new system in K2 Base is planned for the third quarter of 2023.


Solutions for carports and ground mounted systems

Due to the photovoltaic obligation on carports in many German federal states, this area is expected to grow strongly in the future. We want to offer our customers mounting solutions not only for roofs and facades, but also for covered parking spaces. For this, the K2 experts have developed a standardised and at the same time flexible system as a complete solution.

And that’s not all: in addition to the various roof substructures, the mounting system for façade and that for carports, K2 Systems has also expanded its range to includea another ground mounted systems. Market analyses have shown that there is an opportunity in the market for mounting systems for small to medium-sized systems in the outdoor sector. Whether anchored in the ground or in concrete – the system with aluminium rails enables quick installation.


K2 Speakers Corner

On both Wednesday and Thursday, industry experts will share their thoughts and insights on key industry trends and critical success factors in an exchange with K2. We will delve into how fruitful connections improve daily work and share insights on this together with our guests. We offer a wide variety of topics and look forward to meeting you in our Speakers Corner (stand A6.280).



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