PV meets bitumen: secure fastening thanks to K2 SpliceFoot and K2 SingleRail

23 January 2024 Updates: Products

Bitumen: super flexible

It is an extraordinary material: bitumen becomes rigid and solid when cold, but soft – even liquid – when warm. Whether in sheets, panels or shingles, it is ideal for use as roofing for garden sheds, garages, commercial and residential buildings.

Butyl keeps a secure seal

Although this type of roofing is inexpensive and lightweight, the fact that bubbles can form and seams can break when the polymer material is used means that watertightness is a particularly important issue here.


Thanks to the polyisobutylene layer on the underside, the new K2 SpliceFoot enables a secure, watertight and durable seal by simply screwing it into place.


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Clever twist

The K2 SpliceFoot can be rotated by 90° so that the K2 SingleRail can run horizontally and vertically. This allows the modules to be mounted in both portrait and landscape orientations with just one rail layer.


Plus: The SingleRail can be attached particularly easily and height-adjustably using the slotted hole.


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Deck or rafter attachment

Conveniently, the K2 SpliceFoot can be fastened both in the rafters and in the deck on pitched roofs with an inclination of up to 75°.


This is how safe, fast and convenient PV installation on bitumen roofs works!


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