Secret insights into clever innovations: K2 N-Rack

25 October 2023 Updates: Products

Try, study and reflect in order to optimize afterwards.

It was precisely with this mission that our assembly and development experts met at the beginning of August to test our new free-standing solution. On the premises of Richter Aluminium, with wonderful support from our energetic partners, we were allowed to test until our K2 N-Rack received the final touches.

In this way, we were able to gain many valuable insights that brought us a big step closer to series production. One successful solution is wind bracing via tension wire – which is significantly faster and more convenient to install than other solutions such as perforated tape.

From the pile driving, the processing of the concrete foundations to the assembly of the wind bracing, every move was critically scrutinized. At the end of the successful test installation, a PV solution was created with which our partner Richter Aluminium, already has a variety of ideas on how the test field could be used in the future. For example, the field can be used to test batteries and employees have the opportunity to charge their e-bikes, for example.

So we were able to experience together once again what Connecting Strength means.

Last but not least, the statics were also “professionally” checked with full physical effort as well as wonderful laughter 😉



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