Installation of the SingleRail with CrossHook 3S in pictures

27/10/2021 Aidlingen, Germany

Step by step to the finished PV system

Detailed instructions with all technical information can also be found in the corresponding installation instructions for the SingleRail System with roof hooks for the tiled roof.

The installer planned the project in the K2 Base planning software, among other things.

This outputs the static proof, assembly plan and the appropriate article list.

The aluminium roof hook CrossHook 3S is 3-fold height adjustable in the base plate and has a European construction approval (ETA-16/0709).

It is fastened to the rafters using plate-head wood construction screws.

The bricks are machined accordingly on the top and bottom edges.

This ensures optimum load distribution on the rafters.

The SingleRail mounting rail is cut to size from K2 Base according to the assembly plan.

Two rails can be connected with the rail connector (tightening torque: 16 Nm).

The mounting rail is attached directly to the side of the roof hooks via the Climber.

The tightening torque is 16 Nm.

Black end caps can be used for an aesthetic finish to the rail.

So-called power optimisers ensure maximum power output.

The CrossBoard offers the possibility to insert an additional or offset outrigger of the CrossHook 3S between two rafters.

Here, for example, at the edge of the roof.

Another step is to connect the module cables.

In addition, also the connection of the corresponding entanglement.

The substructure of SingleRail and CrossHook 3S ensures secure mounting of the 17 solar modules.

In this case, the modules will be installed vertically.

The OneMid or module centre clamp and the OneEnd or module end clamp reliably fix the solar modules.

The tightening torque is 14 Nm.

Before and after perspective on the roof in southern Germany.

The solar system produces a total rated output of 6.20 kWp on the 45° pitched roof, which is covered with tiles.


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