Claudia Vannoni on the board of Italia Solare – with Connecting Strength to the energy transition

29 August 2023 Updates: Company

Claudia Vannoni, Head of Sales for Southern and Central-Eastern Europe at K2 Systems GmbH, is one of the members of the Board of Directors of Italia Solare, an Italian association that supports environmental protection and the energy transition through renewable energy sources, dedicating an important and constant contribution to the PV sector.

Her strong experience in the sector, as well as her passion for renewable energy and the fight against climate change, led Claudia to take an even more active part in the Italia Solare project, which has always been at the forefront of energy policy debates.

For several years, K2 Systems has been a partner of Italia Solare: therefore, we appreciate the constant commitment through which the association has been able to create a strong representation capable of giving voice to the operators of the sector.

“For this reason,” says Claudia “I hope that my knowledge and vast experience gained in the PV market in Italy, as well as internationally, can support the change and development of photovoltaics which, although it is being re-evaluated in public opinion, needs to be continuously encouraged and promoted“. She also adds: “I am very excited about this opportunity offered by Italia Solare, and I look forward to contributing even more to the success of photovoltaics in Italy“.


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