We introduce: New Country Manager for Poland

14 June 2022 Updates: Company

Krzysztof has extensive knowledge of the industry

As a commercial guy, Krzysztof Maul has been working in the energy industry for 14 years. So far, he has been involved in development and sales during the transition of the Polish energy industry from coal to renewables. He has worked for European market leaders such as IPPs (independent power producers), cogeneration providers and many other manufacturers. 

Krzysztof Maul therefore knows the photovoltaic sector well and is looking forward to fully supporting the development of renewable energies. As the new Country Manager in Poland, he is your contact for the K2 mounting systems. Together with you, he wants to make a difference!

... and with many years of experience

‘So far, I have worked to increase the efficiency of electricity generation and thus minimise the harmful impact on the environment - now I can do this even more centrally by developing photovoltaics in Poland.’

Krzysztof Maul
Country Manager Poland

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