The new winning duo on the roof: K2 BasicRail on with FischerTHERM Carrier D® sandwich elements.

11 July 2023 Updates: Products

K2 Systems and Fischer Profil offer a joint solution for industrial and commercial buildings

Advanced building solutions are more important than ever. They are a valuable contribution to advancing helping realize the energy transition. The use of FischerTHERM Carrier D roof elements in combination with a photovoltaic system – mounted with the K2 BasicRail mounting system – represents a great enrichment advantage for a modern industrial building in terms of thermal insulation and renewable energy supply.

The practical prefabricated elements:

The FischerTHERM® roof element with trapezoidal profile and thermal insulation is a steel sandwich element with a surface coating. It has a CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane rigid foam core. It offers excellent thermal insulation and air tightness and, thanks to the Fischer DUO (Energy Saver) seal, provides additional energy savings during the roofing process for the roof. We think this is a good thing: It’s a valuable development for a more sustainable construction sector!

And what happens when the photovoltaic systems is are installed on the roofs?

  1. The safety of the photovoltaic modules must be guaranteed.
  2. The performance of the thermal insulation must be maintained.
  3. The tolerances of the PV construction and mounting system must be taken into account.


All this has been taken into account, guaranteed and even allowed!


Indeed, industrial and commercial buildings are particularly interested in a solution with technical approval (abZ). By “Connecting Strength” we have overcome this obstacle: the load-bearing sandwich elements with a polyurethane core between two steel facings were tested by the DIbT together with the assembly system and received technical approval as a combination (Z-10.4-901). This means security and confidence for architects, installers, planners or and other industry professionals the trade – Connecting Strength, quite simply!

This is how the secure connection works:

The thin sheet metal screw of the K2 mounting system is screwed into the outer shell of the sandwich element with a two-pitch thread and a conical tip:

  • No fastening in the roof substructure.
  • There is no drilling (no pre-drilling required).
  • The metal is pushed in and a screw thread is formed.
  • The high quality coating is therefore penetrated without chips.
  • Corrosion is thus prevented.
  • At the same time, extremely high pull-out values are possible

Positional safety has been taken into account.

The floating system allows for expansion of the module’s carrier rail with the BasicClip. This means that the floating bearing exerts little pressure tensile force on the roof covering.


Our K2 Base software calculates the length of the mounting rails, all necessary components as well as the load calculation and creates a clear report with an installation or occupancy plan.

to K2 Base

The highlights in brief summary:

  • Fast and reliable installation
  • Direct connection with extremely high extension values
  • Floating support for thermal compensation
  • General technical approval (Z-10.4-901)

Conclusion: The direct connection on FischerTHERM® sandwich elements with BasicRail System from K2 is proof: Together we are stronger.

Interest aroused? Learn more about the cooperation in the webinar!



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