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Application of the new function for the first and last rafter
Screenshot distance rafters

First and last rafters or purlin now adjustable

You can now specify the distances of the first and last rafter or purlin to the roof edges for rafter and purlin roofs. You can enter values independently of each other. These are then also the first rafters or purlins that can be used for the roof fixings. 

This is also marked accordingly in the PDF assembly plan.

New copy function for roofs and modules

New copy function for roofs and modules

Roofs or module fields can be copied directly. This saves a lot of time in projects with many similar roofs or planning areas. It is especially useful if there are several similar roofs or large areas for many identical module fields.

Screenshot ballast output in stones

Ballast planning with stones

From now on, your ballast planning with stones will not only be displayed in the results. The ballasting plan as Excel file and the PDF report now also display the number of stones with the individual weight if this has been activated in the results.

Thus you have a simple tool for a simple ballast placement directly for printing out for the building site.

Edit screenshot of full-area module field

Full-surface module fields now editable

Full-surface module fields can now also be edited in their dimensions subsequently. To do this, the edit button in the tools under "design" must be selected once in order to release the module field for editing.

Illustration General Terms of Use

Changes in General Terms of Use

With the update our updated General Terms of Use V2 0719 (May 2019) for K2 Base are valid. You can download them here.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further improvements

  • S-Dome V: Maintenance corridors are now less frequently blocked with projecting mounting rails. This was achieved by optimizing the rail placement.
  • Alternating attachment points now possible with...
    • Hanger bolts
    • Solar fasteners
  • Roof hooks: 2-layer systems with vertical module orientation (portrait) can now also be clamped on the long side.
  • Standing seam coverings: New standing seam clamps available
    • S-5! E-Mini-FL Standing Seam Clamp
    • S-5! Z-Mini-FL Round Seam Clamp
    • Single Snap Seam Clamp CF:x
    • Solid Snap Seam Clamp CF:x


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