K2 Systems opens a new location in Spain!

24 January 2024 Updates: Company

Innovation & expansion

These are the driving forces that have encouraged the company to open a new location in Valencia as the eleventh (international) location of K2 Systems.

This Spanish expansion represents a boost for K2’s European presence and at the same time highlights its commitment to sustainability.

At K2 we like challenges, we always want to go beyond, to surpass ourselves in order to provide the customer with efficient solutions and constant technical support. With my new colleagues, now we can really do things in a big way“, says Miguel Giménez.

The Country Manager for Spain and Portugal continues: “We are delighted to announce the opening of our new location in Valencia, it is a real pride for me to be able to count on people prepared and ready for all the challenges ahead in 2024. This opening marks a new chapter for us, where we look forward to sharing our expertise with our customers and distributors and introducing our innovative solutions within this dynamic and prolific market.


Spanish Solar Valley in Valencia with K2 office

K2 Systems GmbH, German company specializing in the development and trading of mounting systems for photovoltaics, invigorates its international resonance with the opening of a new location in Valencia; this event proves to be fundamental for the expansion objective pursued by the company: in fact, the opening of the Valencian office allows K2 to be even closer to its Spanish customers. The new office is also important to improve customers’ satisfaction and to continue advancing in the development and offer of products of excellence.

The new location, whose office is in the highly technological Geminis Center building, is in the new business district of Valencia, in the area of greatest expansion and very close to two of the city’s business symbols: the Palacio de Congresos, a hundred meters away from the office, and the Trade Fair.

Let's give a boost to the energy transition!

We are very confident and optimistic about the targets we will be able to achieve in 2024 towards both industrial and residential building projects […]. Up to now, due to the most common roofs in Spain (trapezoidal sheet metal, tile roof and flat roof), the mounting systems that most arouse the interest of Spanish customers are still MultiRail, SolidRail and Dome 6. Regarding the new products, we are convinced that the new ground mounted systems will be very interesting for many customers and will become a product characterized by a very high quality, the same that K2 always guarantees to its customers. Through these structures provided by K2, we are sure that we can aspire to realize photovoltaic projects up to 15 megawatt“, continues Miguel Giménez.

Big targets for Spanish energy production

According to the Spanish consultancy Andersen, due to climate change, which, now more than ever, continues to generate great concern for the future of the environment, Spain has introduced new measures aimed at increasing the use of renewable energies to accelerate the country’s energy transition process.

‹By 2030, the Spanish government expects renewable energies to account for more than 80% of electricity consumption. To achieve the target, several incentives are being implemented at government level in line with European policies to proliferate and intensify the use of renewable energies and thus improve energy efficiency. The construction of wind farms, the installation of photovoltaic plants, direct aid programs to the , subsidies and tax incentives to companies and individuals are some actions undertaken by Spain in its effort to accelerate the transition to a totally green country›.

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According to the last update from the European Commission: ‹Spain is already on the road to decarbonization. Regulatory and fiscal measures to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy have been and will continue to be proposed. The competition of all territorial administrations enables us to move forward with this energy transition process, in which the Autonomous Communities and local authorities play a key role […]›.

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Spain’s high NECP targets, and the success of the national solar power market call for excellence from all parties: companies, the public administration, and policymakers. In other words, our ambition is to overcome our challenges to maintain the supportive solar ecosystem that has placed Spain as one of the top two markets not only in Europe but also among the world´s top 10 largest markets. On the policy side, it is key to ensure regulatory stability and to eliminate remaining barriers by streamlining administrative procedures, and network access, especially for smaller PV plants and self-consumption projects. On the sector side, companies need to respond to the growing NIMBY effect, and present projects with the highest standards in terms of environmental sustainability, positive social impacts, and transparency›.

[…] ‹Spain’s solar sector growth is underpinned by its competitiveness in both ground-mounted and self-consumption installations. For ground-mounted plants, the economic viability – spurred by scale economies, favorable terrain, and abundant solar irradiation levels averaging over 1,600-1,800 kWh/kW annually-coupled with regulatory stability since 2018, has created a conducive environment that appeals to a diverse array of market participants. This includes national and European utilities, oil & gas corporations, independent power producers, solar developers, and investment funds, among others. […] Looking ahead, the prognosis for Spain’s solar sector remains optimistic. So far, the ground-mounted segment has seen an installation of 4.5 GW in 2023. Numerous new projects, having secured environmental permits, are poised for installation in the forthcoming years, contingent upon meeting administrative requirements. To achieve the targets proposed in the new NECP draft for ground-mounted installations, an average of 6 GW per year must be installed, presenting a significant challenge linked to the design of renewable auctions, inflation rates, and market prices›.

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K2 goals in Spain

In 2024, the objective will be to position K2 in Spain in a much more relevant way for the market through a constant presence and in line with both the economic and environmental challenges launched by the sector. Of course, it is important to emphasize how much this commitment on the part of the new team will represent an important advantage not only for customers, but also for installers who will see in K2 a faithful ally. Thanks to the larger team with in-depth technical expertise, K2 is even more strongly positioned in Spain and is also directly on site at your construction site.

K2 Systems continues to play a central role in the promotion of the energy transition and, of course, the company finds Spain an extremely interesting market in which to pursue its goals. Spain is attractive because of its position: the country is located in the part of Europe with the most solar radiation; this means that investments in solar power plants pay back very quickly because energy production is very, very high.


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