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22 December 2022 Updates: Company

100,000 Euros for "Emergency Aid Ukraine"!

Since March 2022, K2 Systems has been committed to the “Nothilfe Ukraine – Deine Spende hilft” (Emergency Aid Ukraine – Your Donation Helps) of “Aktion Deutschland hilft – das Bündnis” (Action Germany Helps – The Alliance). By the beginning of December, we had already raised an impressive sum of 45,000 euros together with our partners, customers and employees. 

Each new donation was matched by K2

But we wanted to achieve even more, as need for support increased dramatically once again, in the beginning of the winter season. That’s why we launched our “K2 Christmas Turbo” initiative on December 6th: Every new donation was matched by K2. This enabled us to reach a total of 91,000 euros by just before Christmas. K2 then rounded this sum up to 100,000 euros for “Emergency Aid Ukraine”. 

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this good cause. Please join us again in 2023. 

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