Our Quartet in Italy: Introducing the Team

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Fitting fastening solutions since 2009!

K2 Italy was founded in Bologna in 2009. Since then, we have been involved in the installation of over 650 MW of rooftop PV systems in Italy.

With the support of 4 experts working for the Italian branch and 4 national PV distributors, we are able to design and deliver projects for any type of roof and throughout the country.

May we introduce: Our Italian quartet!

Claudia Vannoni

‘Even during my studies I was fascinated by renewables, which were little known at the time. I feel responsible to do something for our planet, because we can and I think it's great to be part of the clean energy transition! I very much wish that we soon leave all fossil fuels behind and finally start a better, cleaner coexistence on this planet!’

Claudia has worked in the PV industry for over 14 years combined. Before joining K2 as Country Manager, she worked for a renewable energy consulting firm and for an international fund managing ground-mounted PV and wind farms.

As Country Manager, Claudia has been responsible for the Italian market for many years and has an enormously profound knowledge of suitable mounting and a large network within the industry.

Davide Poerio

Like Claudia, Davide has been closely involved in the PV industry for over 14 years. After several years abroad, he was sales manager for a turnkey PV company and most recently worked for a company specialising in sustainable buildings with PV.

Davide is responsible for K2 sales in Italy and oversees the strategic partnerships with our distribution partners.

‘We want and need to continue to promote the use of renewables in order to anticipate the gradual depletion of fossil fuels. The goal must be to create a new, economic development model that supports the energy transition, protects the environment and thus improves our quality of life!’

Manuel Clerico

As a trained electrical engineer, Manuel knows what is important during installation. He has worked for many years in renewable energy in sales and logistics.

At K2, Manuel takes care of all pre- and post-sales aspects as Operation Manager, i.e. all steps from material procurement to delivery.

‘The renewable energy sector is constantly evolving, there are always new challenges to face! I want each one of us to become a self-generator of electricity by harnessing the enormous energy that the sun gives us every day!’

Daniele Schiavo

‘I think that climate change is one of the most important challenges for the people of my generation, and I want to actively participate in this change! I want new improvements and investments in solar energy to lead to a cleaner and more sustainable world and reduce dependence on fossil fuels!’

Daniele already deepened his interest in the energy sector in his Master's degree in Energy Engineering with a focus on renewable energy sources and environmental sustainability. After a few years in sales, Daniele started at K2 in the Technical Sales. In this role, he advises you on project feasibility analysis, planning in the K2 Base software and he supports you in the preparation of offers and order confirmations.






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