Assembly video of the MultiRail System

Installation video with Giuseppe Fruci

We show you in the video how to install the PV mounting system MultiRail on roofs with trapezoidal sheet metal and thus securely fasten a solar system.


The MultiRail mounting system for photovoltaic systems has been specially developed for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. This short rail system is very easy to install and is particularly aimed at cost-sensitive projects with low transport volumes or weights. This system is mainly installed with landscape orientation (horizontal), but with a second rail layer with SingleRail, portrait orientation (vertical) is also possible.

  • 0:18 min | Description of the two types MultiRail 10 and 25 with EPDM seal for different load cases
  • 0:57 min | Fixing: Self-sealing thin sheet metal screws directly on the high crest of the trapezoidal sheet metal
  • 1:15 min | Placement or quantity of MultiRails in the edge and corner areas – even with high wind loads
  • 1:30 min | Distance gauge between the MultiRail rows: Use the Dome Speed Spacer
  • 1:39 min | Note on the placement of the MultiRails: Exact specification from the K2 Base assembly plan
  • 1:45 min | Mounting modules and module clamps
  • 2:28 min | Note on landscape orientation and portrait mounting with a second rail layer with SingleRail
  • 2:44 min | Thermal separation with the MultiRail System


Video: RailUp for MultiRail

With little material input, the RailUp enables modules to be raised parallel to the roof, thus improving rear ventilation and ensuring better module performance. Plan your next project directly in K2 Base.

Video: Trapezoidal sheet systems

The video gives you an overview of the three mounting systems MultiRail, MiniRail and SpeedRail including recommendations and mounting tips.



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