Novelties 2020 at a glance

We support PV systems with quick mounting and digital planning with the new products

With the new products, we provide you with digital tools, such as K2 Base, the K2 Roof Check app and the K2 Docu app as well as easy to install mounting systems for quick, easy and reliable installation.

This year's new products include:

  • K2 Roof Check app determines a benchmark price in seconds: The K2 Roof Check app, introduced in 2017, has a new function that you can use directly at the customer's premises to determine a reliable benchmark price per kWp for the roof construction. More...
  • K2 Base 3.0 speeds up the PV design phase: The K2 Base planning software has a modern look, new controls and a new dashboard for efficient order processing. Thanks to improved programming, the calculation is even faster and, in addition to tools from leading power inverter manufacturers, the Archelios Pro yield forecast tool is now also connected to K2 Base. More...
  • K2 Docu app simplifies site documentation and assists during the system acceptance process: You can use the new K2 Docu app to handle mandatory site documentation directly, digitally and easily on their smartphone.
  • MicroRail System reliably fastens PV systems to corrugated sheet metal roofs with a fastening method in the roof covering.
  • RailUp provides improved ventilation for both trapezoidal metal sheet systems SpeedRail and MultiRail.
  • Roof hook portfolio has been expanded to include the flexible CrossHook 4SL for the SolidRail System and the new SingleHook Alpin roof hook for high snow loads.
  • Use of the new Dome 6 flat roof system saves time because the installation is 50% faster: The S- and D-Dome 6 is up to 80% pre-assembled and no longer has any screw connections thanks to the innovative plug-in bolt technology. A permanent fixing point system is also possible for flat roofs with a 10° pitch or lower load reserves.

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